AZA Cyrus Military Uniforms

I have a small collection of military gear and over the month of AZA I tried out a few combinations until I came up with a few I really liked. I figured I might as well take some pictures like I did with the Dr Steel costumes so I have them for reference later.

This is my cold weather version, used sparingly because it got pretty damn hot. I only wore it a few times, but you can check it out during the local news coverage. My mother-in-law pointed out that it has a vauge european look to and I would agree, especially since the sweater was made for an English Army Brigadier

This outfit has a different set of boots and the gloves then the other two (you can see the GPS clip for my motorcycle on the left hand.) I liked the pants because they gave me a lot more visibility in the dark attraction, something I needed what I was a stationary part of it.


Because it was so hot I often wore tshirts instead. I had all kinds of colors, but this light brown was my favorite mainly because it was smaller, showing off the arms and giving a movie-like feel. Of course this meant that it was too tight for my chubby gut on the front and I made sure to keep the vest closed. (it made an excellent girdle)


This is basically the outfit I would wear to work and for some reason this jacket got a lot of attention. Even random people on the street started complementing me on it so I wore it in this configuration a few times towards nightly closing. It only seemed to work with this pants and shirt combo, and like I said the shirt was a little snug so I didn’t do it often.

Special thanks to my friend Allen for giving me the jacket in the first place, I really needed it for my bike.


The duct tape isn’t for show, after weeks of running in my trusty boots and killing zombies with my first pair of motorcycle gloves they were giving out. Gabi had sewn and glued them but it wasn’t enough and towards the end and I had to tape them on the spot.

This of course works great for the apocalypse so I plan to keep them as is for that kind of costume. The missing fingers on the gloves were an intentional nod to Naked Snake, and it turned out fantastic. I never had to take them off, Snake knew what he was doing!


We had a lot of prop guns that could be dangerous if someone not part of the show got a hold of them so I “borrowed” one of the guns Gabi originally used for her Devil May Cry costume. She wasn’t too happy to give it up but I’m really glad she did, someone actually grabbed it early on!

The pistol became pretty popular, a lot of people borrowed it for photos and in the end I think the wear and tear makes it look even cooler (except the trigger of course)


I really liked the way this entire project came out, and the only sad part is I have to wait a whole year to do it again…

I’m going to have to find another reason sooner then that.

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  1. Whenever creating “Zombie Hunting” military costumes, the guns make it. For the good zombie hunt the AR platform is the rifle of choice, and a 1911A1 or a Glock for sidearm. Unless you are looking for blowing off that head at close range, the .357 or .44 Mag.

    • Wacko says:

      Actually, the guns were issued to us during the event and were the one thing I didn’t have a choice over. We had .38 revolvers with blanks and paintball M16’s to make a big bang. The p90 is the only rifle I have so I used it in the pics.

      I would never take any of those into the real apocalypse and expected lots of people to point out what a bad choice it was, to my surprise not one person did.

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