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Dread Cookie Roberts

A few days before Christmas, Gabi and I went down to the mall for some window shopping (and mall bourbon chicken, best stuff ever)

I grabbed a few pics like I did about this same time last year and this one is the best

Doesn’t that look like the Dread Pirate Roberts? I want to do a funny quote from the movie here, but nothings coming to mind…

Anyway the Christmas rush was in full effect so of course Santa was there.

There was a giant Christmas tree, where Gabi and I posed for our holiday picture, Gabi got close up and made a phone desktop out of it and I thought it was a good idea and did likewise.

Big fuzzy hats are in this year

It makes me wish I was a teenage girl so I could sport one.

Ahh who am I kidding, I’m too ugly for the team captain to ever go out with me!

Speaking of teenagers, check out this machine by the bathrooms.

I think this is a brilliant marketing ploy, kids that are too shy to buy this at a store can just come here. It’s placed so kids that normally wouldn’t think of it see it everytime they hang out in the food court, and I bet it’s cheaper then an actual store but makes lots of profit.

totally brilliant.

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Perfect Pea Soup

Gabi’s parents got us a giant ham just before Christmas. I didn’t think to take a picture of it, but it looked cartoony, the kind of thing you see in loony toons or inside a wall in Dracula’s castle.

I cooked the ham and it came out perfect but there being only two of us we had to find things to do with it. After a few days of sandwiches it was time for soup!

Since I don’t cook often I wanted to make a really good soup so I gathered all the ingredients before hand.

It took way less time then I thought it would and the end result was fantastic.

If that doesn’t look good to you, you are missing out! Gabi liked it so much she had three bowls, nothing I’ve ever cooked as gone over that well.

Gabi’s mom says she wants some, and we better get it over to her quick, it won’t last long in this house.

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Back To The Future: Episode One

A few weeks ago I started playing Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People in anticipation of TellTales Back To The Future Game Series

It’s a basic point and click that masterfully captures the original movies and was a hell of a lot of fun to play!

Unlike Ghostbusters the voice acting in this is beyond perfect (sorry Bill Murry you phoned it in and we all know it) I was blown away by how well Christopher Loyd could still be Doc Brown even after all these years.

The game is currently on sale on telltales site, you can get all the episodes now for a pretty good price and if I were you I would do it.

On a semi-related note I was surprised to find my 13 year old niece Kayla had never heard of the movie let alone seen it. This only surprised me because a Delorean is a well known and referenced in most of the tv I watch, but my description of the car had her at a total loss.

On the upside when I explained the plot of the movie she really like what she heard so unlike Star Wars this is an easy sell to have her watch it.

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White Christmas

In Georgia, snow doesn’t normally happen in December so it’s especially rare to see a white Christmas here.

This was actually the first time in 129 years, and it was great! That night the snow evenly covered everything, but it mostly melted away by the time we got up.

Still Gabi went out for some pics and they are worth sharing.

with snow happening so early we’re sure to see some more of it, when that happens we’ll be sure to go play again.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • @FistoftheMFK no, you're just watching two asshats play a game no one else is. they're good at it too. #
  • On monday I'm going to get my first check from my gameshow gig I did yesterday. Meanwhile NOT ONE from the 5 extra gigs I did all month. #
  • RT @Chief_Inspector: I just called the cops on a loud party. Man i feel old now. #happy22ndtome #getoffmylawn #
  • @Chief_Inspector a friend just got the cops called on him. I wonder if it's the same party. #youshouldgoparty #
  • Watching the garfield Xmas special. I'm imaging John talking to himself cus… you know… he's a cat and can't talk. #
  • @GeekORage yea I have. This cartoon kinda proves it's true cus you really could dub him out. #johnscrazy #
  • @GeekORage yea but she points it out, makes it clear that she knows the cat can not talk back. #
  • @GeekORage yea she points it out, makes it clear that she knows the cat can not talk back. #
  • You know in the last few years this strip has been making the pointy haired boss the one to feel sorry for. http://www.dilbert.com/ #
  • sometimes things just come together. Daft Punk was not playing around with the tron soundtrack, their need to rock this is deadly serious. #
  • Just installed the sleep number bed my dad gave me. #futurerest #
  • Assembly manual for the sleep number bed is full of propaganda about how good it is. If I'm reading this I own one so stop selling it. #
  • When I got home from a gameshow meeting I tested out the new bed again… where did the last four hours go? #
  • Sitting outside enjoying the eclipse. Nice night for it. #
  • Heh the camera tired it's best to get me and the noon into shot. http://plixi.com/p/64351127 #
  • I unlocked the He hasn't covered wars… achievement on Dead Rising 2! http://raptr.com/wackomedia #
  • so if you don't buy cataclysm or you uninstall it, does that make the dragon go away? #
  • @DarylSurat are you sure? Think revenge I'd the sith had more. #
  • @DarylSurat ah I see. #
  • @GailSimone @Shortpacked they'll never turn it off, spiderman has plenty of soul left to sell. #
  • I get a free download of the Backo to the future game, woot! #
  • aww it won't let me have my free copy till February. #
  • Watching tron 1 with Gabi, a lot of fun. #
  • Is it possible to punish your parents for disobeying you? They saw true grit even after I forbade it. #gotoyourroom #
  • Watching the riff trax of cameron's avatar. Surprisingly funny stuff! #
  • Anyone who thinks avatar is like nothing else has never seen final fantasy evangelion or dances w/ wolves. Not a shock since those are niche #
  • Who's got a hashtag and is cooking a whole ham by himself? #thisguy #
  • Avatar tries so hard to make the humans the bad guys but the navi can move there are other trees. #
  • These dragons are no match for the hardware the humans have. #
  • He just added a random redneck that's not exactly subtle. http://plixi.com/p/65018491 #
  • @takisama me too if that helps. #
  • I'm not justifying what the General is doing but MAN is he cool! It's hard to cheer for the navi when he's got a giant robot. #
  • Gabi just pointed out all the humans going back at once is a big problem. Not enough cryobeds food or air on the ships for a 6 year trip. #
  • RT @Daring_Dynamax: @WackoMedia when they released the first DVD of avatar, Target had it on the shelf next to Dances with Wolves. #
  • I have cooked a perfect ham. #
  • downloading episode one of the back to the future game. #gofasterdamnit #
  • I almost forgot NORAD is tracking santa #
  • YES! back to the future game downloaded! #
  • I kinda wish santa would bring me some coal, it's chilly in here. #
  • Great Scott! I have to wait another month to find out what happens next! #thisisheavy #
  • Snow! White Christmas after all! http://plixi.com/p/65582809 #
  • Gabi got a fire going and we pulled enough firewood for the while night #letitsnow #whitechristmas http://plixi.com/p/65594792 #
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Merry Christmas 2010!

Gabi and I wish you and yours a happy holiday!

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Bed Of The Future!

While I was home for Thanksgiving my dad gave me a sleep number bed they used before they built a bigger, even better four poster.

It took me awhile to get around to it, but I finally got it assembled. This is just in time for Christmas, so I’m counting this as a gift (thanks dad!)

The thing about the sleep number that makes it cool is it uses high-grade air bladders to make the bed as firm or soft as any bed could possibly be.

The effect is surprising, because the mattress is always guaranteed comfortable no matter what mood your in. Combine this with the electric heated sheet we use and it’s ridiculous.

The first night, I climbed in to test it out and was asleep within minutes, even though I didn’t feel extra tried I was out for our 10 hours.

In the end I have to say that it is indeed the best mattress I’ve ever had, but this is one of the things you don’t know you need until you have one thrust upon you so it’s impossible to take a recommendation seriously.

But if you can get one, you totally should.

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Total Eclipse Of The Moon

Last night this side of the planet was treated to a total lunar eclipse, and I put on my winter motorcycle suit and went out to watch it.

There’s not much to say but it was pretty. Most of the time the sky was clear so I got to see totality before the clouds moved in and covered it all up.

I took a few pics with the iPhone, but of course you can barely see it.

This was a rare event because it’s a total lunar eclipse on the day of winter solstice.

A few friends killed some virgins and danced around naked… but I’m not sure that’s related.

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Running The Photobooth

Over the weekend I did my first gig running an automated photobooth

All I have to do is be friendly and help people run the machine. I then take a copy of the picture and put it in a scrapbook for the person who rented it.

Total time including travel 2 – 5 hours and the pay is as good as I was making at Hewitt back in the day. If I can keep booking these I’ll be in good shape.

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